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Logo_BraztoaCompleting 25 years in 2014, BRAZTOA has established itself as one of the most important and representative entities of Brazilian tourism, with national coverage, with 92 members, with 3 Invites, 11 collaborating companies and representation companies of products and destinations and 78 Tourism Operating Companies – domestic, international outbound and inbound. Combined, account for an estimated 90% of leisure travel market in the country.

Vision: Being recognized by Tourism Operating Companies, partners and tourism sector, national and international as reference of competence and forefront in promoting initiatives and partnerships for the corporate sector.

Mission: Promote actions and partnerships that enhance the business activities of its members, supporting the development of the tourism market in a sustainable way.

​Values: Pursue economic, social and environmental responsibility, flexibility, innovation and creativity, continuous improvement, ethics and professionalism, the development of human relationships, and commitment to the development of the tourism sector.

Among the objectives of the entity, enhance of the performance of its members is one of them under the organized market, free enterprise and fair competition. Thus, it operates by developing institutional actions for development and promotion and marketing support.

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