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Branding And How It Works In The Social Media Age

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Assistant Editor’s Note: The following post, written by Donna Roberts, was originally published on the Ask Your Target Market –  a targeted market solutions company – blog page, and is published here with their permission for the purposes of better informing our readers of how their target customers are currently connecting with brands online. The full report from the research can be accessed here.

Facebook has more than 800 million active users with more than 200 million added in 2011. Twitter now has 100 million active users every month with visitor growth up 60% this year. Social media has become a pervasive part of culture and digital life all around the world. It’s essential that brands understand how their fans and customers interact with them on Facebook and Twitter if they hope to leverage these great platforms and grow their businesses.

To get a better idea of how US consumers are interacting with brands in the social media space, AYTM conducted DIY market research utilizing our online consumer panel and survey tool. The highlights of our discoveries are encapsulated in this infographic.

Branding and Social Media Statistics – How People Are Interacting With Brands Online
Source: AYTM Market Research

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