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BikeHike Adventures Announces New Tagline

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Vancouver, B.C. – BikeHike Adventures unveils its brand new tagline – “connecting the world through active travel.” After nearly 18 years of operating under the tagline “multi-sport adventures for earthlings addicted to outdoor life,” the veteran adventure travel operator feels a change is necessary to augment the company’s growth and direction.

BikeHike specializes in active adventures with an emphasis on authentic cultural encounters. Using multi-sport as a vehicle to drive social and cultural connections, BikeHike fuels a layered experience that benefits everyone involved. “So our ‘connecting the world’ is about connecting travellers to both each other and locals around the world, and doing it by multi-sport,” says Trish Sare, founder and director of BikeHike Adventures.

The unrivaled feeling of fun and excitement synonymous with adventure is best shared. BikeHike’s tagline now reflects what the company does best – unite humans in their love for outdoor activities around the world.

BikeHike’s policy to only hire local guides puts them in a privileged position to connect the world. Only local guides have inside access to their community. By leveraging their connection to the local life, BikeHike travellers get invited into homes, schools, public games, concerts and events.

BikeHike’s passion for fostering meaningful relationships abroad is reflected in its commitment to sustainability, both environmentally and socially.

The new tagline will soon be supported by a brand new website. Online users will see an increased emphasis on cultural encounters throughout the overall layout of the site. Site launch date TBA.

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