Big Chill Adventures, LLC

17 March 2015

Nuuk-138Big Chill Adventures was started by Sarah Aciego, a professor of Glaciology at the University of Michigan, and Mindy Cambiar, a photographer from New Hampshire. We combine our love for travel to cold and interesting locations with our love of photography. Our combined experience in exotic “chilly” locations and photography provides you with the experience of a lifetime! You will be interacting with nature – wildlife, surging glaciers, ice sheets – and raising your awareness of the changing local culture as traditional arctic life meets the 21st Century.

Nuuk-125We think that joining in with a small group of people with a similar enthusiasm for photography and travel is the best way to experience the changing world. All Big Chill Adventure trips are designed with the photo enthusiast in mind, although non-photographers are welcome. The light and time of day will always be a factor in our plans, as will making sure that everyone on the trip gets a front seat in the helicopter for part of the journey! And, while there are some timetables that must be met, there will be time to stop and photograph the musk ox that runs across the field next to you, the fox that pops up unexpectedly, or the iceberg being created.

original-logos-2015-Feb-5337-3307843 copyOur trips are designed to provide our clients with the combination of exploring the limits of civilization with the comforts of a warm bed and hot food every night. We cater to your needs – as adventurers and photographers. And we do this by leading small trips.

  • Our itineraries are designed for 6-8 people, small enough that we don’t need a tour bus to travel.
  • We design multi-destination tours so that you can experience the variety of terrains, landscapes and wildlife that these different arctic and alpine regions offer.
  • We also offer shorter time period tours for clients with limited vacation time – focusing on one or two locations that offer an exceptional experience or image.
Our expertise in exploring these locations is unique: each itinerary combines (1) a guide that is an expert arctic/alpine scientists with extensive field experience and training in wilderness first aid with (2) a paired photography guide that will help determine the timetable to determine the time and lighting required for the perfect panorama and ‘shot’.