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Betty Adventures Ecuador

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Betty Adventures has designed a series of tours specifically catering to woman’s adventure travel in Ecuador. Our tour operations reflect a synthesis of adventure sports and conscientious international travel meant to support women in not only their ability to travel to remote areas as a group or individual, but also to offer a physically challenging curriculum for women desiring to explore their potential and redefine their boundaries. “Betty” is an old-school term for an active, outdoorsy chick with an appetite for excitement and empowerment, but you don’t have to be a lifelong Betty to hook up with us. There’s a Betty inside all of us, just waiting to explore the planet!

Our Betty Surf and Yoga Camp serves up the zen of surfing on the pristine beaches of a quaint fishing village, lending itself to the authentic experience which is Ecuador. Yoga, surfing, sea kayaks and volunteering with the local kids surf program are all just a day in the life of our Betty Surf and Yoga Camp.

The Mountain Adventure Tour creates an opportunity to explore the marvel of the Andes ‘Volcano Alley’. Complete with rock climbing, bridge jumping, steam baths, and hiking a 17k volcano, we top off the week with an afternoon of volunteering at the local kids after school program and shopping in the Otavalo Andean market.

Immerse yourself in the wildlife, culture and unique ecosystem the Galapagos has to offer on our Our Galapagos Adventure Tour as we hike, bike, kayak, and snorkel our way across the archipelago. We’ll spend the week snorkeling with curious sea lions, grazing sea turtles, majestic rays, and an abundance of tropical fish while visiting each of the 4 inhabited islands.

The advanced surf tour caters to any and all moderate surfers. Tropical water, hidden surf spots and uncrowded beaches are just a few of the reasons international surfers are seeking out the quiet, humble country of Ecuador as an up and coming surf destination. The ability to surf a concentrated selection of beach and point breaks along the pacific coast on this mobile surf tour makes the small country of Ecuador the perfect surf tour destination!

What sets Betty apart from other tour programs offered in Ecuador? Independent tour operator  Patricia  White, founder of Betty Adventures, is an experienced American, bilingual guide living in country for the past 5 years. Patricia is able to offer clients an experience that meets first- world expectations in the exotic country of Ecuador. Our goal is to provide safe and hassle free all-inclusive tours for foreigners to Ecuador. Without a guide, Ecuador can be a difficult place for tourists. But the bilingual and personable guides make women travel groups feel right at home without sacrificing an ounce of South American authenticity.

We are constantly looking for ways to expand our market outreach, namely through the option to Private Label any one of our tours including the surf and yoga camp. This means any Yogi or corporate group can put their own brand on the camp and we can tailor our itinerary to fit their specific brand needs.

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