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Nikola Mladenovic

Born and raised in Serbia, Nikola has left home early to pursue education and work opportunities abroad. Over the past few years, he has lived in 6 different countries and traveled to around 35 more. Although truly Balkan at heart, Nikola constantly longs for the beauty of the Iberian Peninsula and the spirit of the Pacific Northwest. Some of his favorite adventures include: camping in Idaho and Lapland, rafting and kayaking in Bosnia and Herzegovina, water skiing in Iowa, road trips across Portugal and Vancouver Island, and traveling in a marshrutka over the mountains of Georgia and Armenia.

Passionate about the environment and sustainability, Nikola has previously run his own NGO in order to tackle the issue of electronic waste recycling in Serbia. Over the four summer seasons on Nantucket Island, he has also gained a valuable work experience in tourism and hospitality industry. In addition, Nikola has a strong interest and experience in event planning, logistics, and operations management.

Nikola holds undergraduate degrees in Business Administration and Political Science and International Relations from American University in Bulgaria and a Master's degree in Operations Management from NOVA School of Business and Economics.