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Jennifer Pemberton

Communications Manager & Editor-in-Chief, AdventureTravelNews

Jen is at her best at the confluence of travel, storytelling, and web development. That’s why she manages communications and media relations for ATTA. She has an MFA in creative writing from the University of Alabama and her first job out of grad school was writing pre-trip notebooks and editing trip logs for Zegrahm Expeditions based in Seattle. A few years later, weary of reading and writing about other people’s far-flung travels, she sold everything and moved to Shanghai to teach communications to Chinese business students and write articles for the first online travel guide to China in English. Hooked on living abroad, she stayed gone for awhile moving from China to the Philippines and finally to Sweden, where she worked for an accommodation start-up, picked up a degree in International Marketing at Lund University, and took as many cheap flights, ferries, and trains to as many European cities as there were weekends in the year.

Jen enjoys developing online platforms and solutions for improving communications, but she loves writing the most and believes everyone has a story. After a full day of writing effective emails and press releases, she teaches a community creative writing class in the small mountain town of Logan, Utah, where she has finally planted some roots. She also enjoys experimenting with audio storytelling as a reporter for a local public radio station, focusing on environmental and community issues. Jen’s an avid bike commuter and always finds time for river rafting in the summer. She likes picking up traditional knitting techniques when she travels and showing off her international skills at the county fair, where she collects blue ribbons.