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Gustavo Timo

Regional Manager - Brazil

Gustavo Timo, has been active in the adventure and nature travel for 11 years. He has served as an elected member of the ABETA Board of Directors, as Technical Director, and now serves as its Executive Coordinator. At ABETA, his energy is focus on developing, organizing and synergizing Brazil’s adventure travel industry in a movement that involves establishing standards, building qualifications and certifications systems, and implementing search and rescue teams at key destinations. He also focuses energy on promoting Brazil as an international adventure travel destination in partnership with the Brazilian Minister of Tourism, which has identified Adventure Travel as a priority and strategic segment for the development of Brazil overall travel industry. Gustavo has an extensive experience as a adventure travel tour operator.

For eight years, Gustavo served as the Executive Director of Brasil Aventuras Expedições, a leading company in Brazil, where he oversaw the development of new destinations, marketing, established strategic partnerships, developed distributions channels in Brazil, and training of adventures travel guides internationally. He also has worked as a consultant in planning, developing and marketing destinations, training entrepreneurs to manage nature-based tourism in many projects in Brazil. His experience as an expedition leader and guide involves mountaineering, backpacking, canyoneering and overland expeditions all over Brazil for more than seven years. He is an experienced traveler and has visit most countries of South America, including the bioms of Patagonia, Andes, Pantanal, Amazon and Gran Sabana. He’s also spent time in France, Holland, Australia, Costa Rica, Caribean, South Africa, Seycheles, and many parts of U.S.

An outdoorsman and family man, Gustavo is and active diver, canyoneer, mountaineer and mountain biker, and now enjoy his time introducing his daughter to the outdoor world.