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Casey Hanisko

President, ATTA // Adventure 360

Specializing in adventure travel marketing, communications and branding, Casey has spent nearly 20 years telling the story of authentic, educational and responsible travel. As the head of the ATTA’s Marketing & Communications efforts, Casey is responsible for communicating the place global adventure travel has in the context of the greater tourism industry. She develops products and collaborates on partnerships that advance destinations’ efforts to support economic- and community-based initiatives and works closely with international media outlets to make sure the story of adventure travel is told. Casey’s extensive background working for specialty travel brands gives her the experience necessary to communicate the industry-wide big picture of the adventure travel sector.

Culture of Belonging at ATTA


Since the beginning of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) there has been a culture of welcome–anyone attending events, becoming members, and engaging with the community are embraced and enthusiastically...