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Sharon Conceição

I was born in Rio de Janeiro and was raised between the "Cidade Maravilhosa" and Buenos Aires. This constant flow between the Brazilian samba and the Argentinean tango constituted me as a person, aroused me from an early age the interest in the figure of the traveler, its needs, its desires, what it has or lacked. Thus, I graduated in Tourism in Buenos Aires, also attending a time Hotel and Gastronomic Management. In this work journey, I was a tour guide and develop in different areas of tourism as a travel agent, marketing director in Argentina and Brazil, Social Media Manager among other roles. I mainly performed activities that involved customer attention. Areas that imply interpersonal relationships are spaces in which I feel comfortable. Today I live in Florianópolis, Brazil with plants, books and marine waters, as I love the outdoors and nature, as much as the trips that make me who I am.