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Diego Arelano

Partner Manager

Diego was born in Sao Paulo and raised all over Brazil. Ultimately arriving in Brasilia, he completed his bachelors in Communication and Media Studies at the University of Brasilia. Ambitious to take advantage of the growing social media market, in 2011, Diego founded and grew his own successful advertising and marketing company, Table – Agência Digital. In 2013, following his passions and personal interests, he was selected by Embratur, the Brazilian tourism board, to lead their eco and adventure tourism division.

In collaboration with ATTA, Diego was an essential organizer and the key in-country contact for the first AdventureWeek in Brazil, 2016, in the Pantanal and Bonito.

At ATTA Diego is a specialist in Latin American ventures and project development.

He has lived in Hawaii and Seattle but currently resides in Sao Paulo, Brazil. When he is not exploring the urban jungle and sipping caipirinhas, he is out hiking, surfing, rock climbing or mountain biking.