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ATTA Webinar Polling Results Concerning Carbon Offsets Reveals Snapshot of Industry Viewpoints

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Marking the end of its educational ATTA Members Tune In Webinar spring series for the spring, the ATTA-hosted May 15th Carbon Offset program with Brian Mullis and Richard Edwards drew nearly 50 participants.

The spring series covered topics including web marketing, employee coaching and web trends for the travel industry. Recordings of all Webinars are available on the members website, with the exception of Carbon Offsets, which is now available on the home page of

Polling results from last week’s Carbon Offsets webinar (drawn from approximately 50 participants, primarily tour operators from around the world) are as follows.

What is the biggest obstacle for you in implementing a Carbon Offset program?

  • Haven’t had time to investigate thoroughly: 57%
  • Lack of Credibility: 20%
  • Other: 23%

Do carbon offsets and your green/sustainable program contribute to a positive ROI for your company?

  • The jury is still out 63%
  • We’ll never be able to track it 13%
  • Yes 25%

Coming into this Webinar do you feel you have a clear idea of what carbon offsets are and how the voluntary offset market works?

  • Yes 20%
  • No 29%
  • Pretty Clear 31%
  • Some idea but I’m missing a few key detail 20%

Do you think it’s best to offer a voluntary opt-in program or include Carbon Offsets in your pricing?

  • Include in pricing 32%
  • Voluntary opt-in 40%
  • Voluntary opt-out 28%

Do you currently have a Carbon Offset program in place?

  • No 84%
  • Yes 16%

Do you think your clients would be willing to pay more for a trip if Carbon Offsets were included in your pricing?

  • Maybe 59%
  • No 7%
  • Yes 33%

Is the carbon offset market a positive part of the solution to climate change or a negative distraction?

  • Positive part of the solution 39%
  • It can be positive if better regulated 47%
  • Negative distraction and not a part of the solution 14%

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