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ATTA Featured in The Namibian

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ATTA and the Adventure Travel World Summit were featured in an online story on in The Namibian recently, around the shifts in Namibia towards a more sustainable, and tourism based, economy:

Tourism will play a big part in Caprivi’s future, reasons Mayuni, and he was invited to travel to Mexico in October last year as part of a delegation led by the Minister of Environment and Tourism, to bid for the World Adventure Travel Summit to take place in Namibia in 2013.

“They are capturing our rain,” says the chief with a grin. “It rains from April to December over there,” he says, “and only thereafter does  it come across here!” Despite the humour, Mayuni had a serious message for the summit: Namibia is a great holiday destination, and he believes that the summit was impressed by Namibia’s conservation model; one that he helped to create. He told the Summit that “we need partners in the tourism industry  to achieve our vision”.

“Mexico was like a dream,” he says. “I was treated like a VIP. If we can receive people in the same way in Namibia in 2013, I will be happy.”

Read the entire article here.

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