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ATTA Announces Partnership with WaiverSign

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Members of the adventure travel industry are known for doing their best to mitigate risk for their company, employees, and guests. The nature of many adventure activities often means inherent risks to participants and liabilities for businesses. It is important to be sure clients are thoroughly aware of any risks they may encounter, and that businesses are protected if something does go wrong.

Get Your Waiver & Release of Liability Online

Especially if your business operates in remote locations that may have limited or no access to medical care, unreliable communication that can delay emergency response, or unexpected weather changes that can make safety more challenging and rescue efforts more difficult (see the CDC website for more details), waivers are essential tools. Although the adventure travel industry is known for planning and preparing for the worst-case scenario, including training in Safety & Risk Management, accidents can still happen.

To help address these concerns, the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) has partnered with ATTA member lawyers Chun Wright and Jeff Ment to update the legal waiver templates that are available for ATTA members to reference with COVID-19 language. Additionally, ATTA has entered an exclusive partnership with WaiverSign, giving its Community, Professional, and Business members discounted access to secure, reliable, and contactless digital online waiver signing software.

WaiverSign isn’t just paperless—it’s contactless. You can send waivers directly to your guests via email allowing them to sign digitally on their own devices. You can customize the verbiage in your document(s), customize the fields you collect, and even present your documents in multiple languages.

To learn more about the importance of waivers and the benefits for ATTA members, please visit

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