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At WTMLA, Bonito Becomes First Brazil Destination to Join ATTA

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At WTMLA, Bonito signs on as first ATTA member in Brazil.

At WTMLA, Bonito signs on as first ATTA member in Brazil.

Bonito, a city located in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, is an ecotourism model for the entire country of Brazil. The city combines spectacular natural resources with excellent regulation and maintenance. Some of its main attractions are caves with lakes and amazing stalactite formations, beautiful waterfalls and incredibly clear rivers surrounded by lush forest where it’s possible for divers to swim eye-to-eye with hundreds of fish. This city became the first Brazilian destination to join the ATTA, during World Travel Market Latin America (WTMLA) on April 23, 2015.

The agreement was signed at the event booth of the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism attended by the president of Fundtur (Foundation of Tourism of Mato Grosso do Sul) Nelson Cintra, Deputy Mayor Josmail Rodrigues, Tourism Secretary Juliane Salvadori and representatives from Embratur, ABETA and ATTA.

According to Deputy Mayor Josmail Rodrigues the partnership with ATTA allows new tools for the dissemination of tourism in national and international markets: “There are over one thousand members of the ATTA, mainly in the international market. These partnerships are important for the development of the tourism in Bonito,” he said.

Besides the municipality, Bonito’s Convention and Visitors Bureau also signed an agreement with the ATTA, becoming the first Brazilian CVB to participate in the Adventure Trade Association as an Association Partner. The president of Bonito’s CVB, Rodrigo Coinete mentioned, “The ATTA serves as a platform for access to North American and European markets. The main operators are part of this association. In Bonito, we have received US and European guests, but we still have a very large potential for growth. The United States has a very diverse market, there are millions of Americans who want to get to know ecotourism destinations like Bonito.”

Bonito is now working on an action plan with other Brazilian tourism boards and entities that will involve training and promotion.

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