Are you utilizing interactive technology such as mobile apps to promote and share your organization's product offerings?

19 February 2013

Natasha Martin - Online Marketing Specialist, Namibia Tourism Board North America

Yes, we have an entire suite of online sales tools that are designed to help the trade sell Namibia. Many of these, such as Facebook apps or downloadable guides are designed to help the trade engage their communities around Namibia, effectively using them to take our message further in a way that benefits everyone.

Tullia Caballero - Director, S-Cape Travel

We are developing an app for self-guided trips so clients can use their phones or iPads to lead them on the trail instead of having to decipher a map or route description. It can be used offline, gives verbal route indications if you don't want to look at the screen and has an infinite array of extra travel information.

Will Bolsolver - Natural World Safaris

Not at this stage. We have considered it but at this stage we are not sure that we can measure the value in this for the product that we offer. If we were a company offering primarily city trips then I can see huge value in offering city guides etc. via mobile apps.

Denis Yasinko - Project Manager, Wild Russia Travel and Adventures

For our international destinations we do use modern technologies to promote our products - using Mobile apps is one of them. We are also redesigning our website so it's up-to-date with IT trends of today. As for our destinations in Russia - we delegate all the marketing efforts to our partners abroad and concentrate on the product quality.

Lubomir Popiordanov - CEO, Odysseia-in Adventure Travel Company

Yes, we use mobile apps to promote in our brochures and printed materials.

Ben Stubenberg - Cacique / Chief, Caicu Naniki Ltd

Yes, we are just beginning to use a mobile app to promote the tour products. Actually, it will be part of a larger app for people vacationing in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Irene Morgan - Regional Director USA & Canada, Destination NSW Australia

Yes, Sydney apps, transport apps, mobile advertising is a major component of all our campaigns in the US market.

Anders la Cour Vahl - Deputy Director, Visit Greenland

We are currently adding the last touch to a mobile version of the Greenland tourism portal Most of the major operators as well as the regional development agencies are present and active on - either with content or actual offerings. We have also produced a hiking app called Greenland, with two routes, which we hope to expand over the coming years.

Could you imagine being out on the remote tundra and showing your friend a polar bear in real time?

Rick Kemp - Director of Marketing, Churchill Wild

I am looking at that as a future option once we overcome a few tech issues. This was the first year that we saw a noticeable increase in the use of mobile tech (iPhones, iPads, Androids, etc) where guests were regularly updating their Facebook & Twitter accounts. Some guests even used Facetime to show loved ones at home the view from the lodge. Being in a remote location with limited connectivity (we use satellite internet with limited WiFi range) creates an issue which we are trying to find solutions to.

Becky Harris - Owner, Viaventure Central America

Not currently although we are looking into this and see it as something we will definitely be developing and offering in the future.

Todd Gehrke - Director of Group & Conference Solutions, Telluride Tourism Board

Looking to expand more into this for 2013.

Let's rather do it right and slowly than fast and wrong.

Marie Friede - Managing Director / Founder, African Profile Safaris

No currently we only use Facebook, Twitter or our website. Like I said we are small and slowly entering the new generation of marketing. So let's rather do it right and slowly than fast and wrong. Our company is small and personalized offering conservation orientated safaris, with these principles in business we can't deal with huge volume.

Richard A. Mitsoda - Managing Director, Maduro Dive Fanta-Seas

Yes, we developed an app for dive travel distributors called PAW (Profit Application Widget) that provides them with all our last minute deals in real time without linking out of their website and no mention of our company. This gives them full control of their client and the distributor deals with our sales agent not their client.

Alex Herrmann - Director Americas, Switzerland Tourism

Yes, over the last five years we have created a series of apps to plan travel to and in Switzerland, from snow reports to hiking and city guides. Since 2010, Switzerland Tourism publishes its main summer, winter and city brochures in a tablet version exclusively.

Manal Saad Kelig - Co-Founder & Director of Marketing, Gateway To Egypt & Great Wonders of Egypt

Mobile apps are our next stage probably by end of 2013 . Many factors have made us delay its use - one of them is budget and also the low number of travelers.

Social media can't exist in a world of it's own. It must be fully integrated into all marketing efforts.

David DiGregorio - Head of Marketing & Communications: North America, South African Tourism 

We do have an iPhone app for the destination but mostly we try to interact with and engage consumers through our social media channels. We also are careful to use social media to support our real-world efforts. Social media can't exist in a world of it's own. It must be fully integrated into all marketing efforts.