Arctic Kingdom Assists Sedna Expedition Team Across the Northwest Passage

9 June 2014

In an effort to help raise awareness about climate change in the Arctic, Arctic Kingdom is proud to be assisting the Sedna Expedition team of “fearless Sea Women”, led by geologist and geophysicist Susan Eaton, across the Northwest Passage this upcoming summer from July 13 to 27 for their “proof of concept” voyage, in preparation for their planned 2016 Sedna Epic Expedition.

“Sea ice is rapidly disappearing in the Arctic in terms of its areal extent every year and it’s impacting the ecosystem,” shared Susan Eaton. “The disappearing sea ice is a result of global climate change. No one has ever studied the Northwest Passage before, the Arctic, in a snorkel zone.”

The all-female team is comprised of an accomplished group of women, including explorers, submersible pilots, doctors, scientists, and journalists. Named after the Inuit Sea Goddess Sedna, the team’s mission is to document the impacts of global warming and raise awareness of the disappearing sea ice and climate change occurring in the Arctic, while engaging Inuit women and girls to help build sustainable communities.

The Sedna expedition team, sponsored by the Canadian Geographic Society, will be supported by Arctic Kingdom Expedition Leader, Kristyn Thoburn, aboard the MV Cape Race, a deep-sea trawler that was converted to an expedition yacht reminiscent of the bygone era of tramp steamers. The voyage through frigid Arctic waters will begin from northern Labrador to Baffin Island and across the Davis Strait to Greenland, allowing the team to test the route, their method, equipment and gear in order to help overcome or avoid any possible future challenges.