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Alaska Discovery Preserves and Protects with Top Conservation Partners

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Emeryville, CA- Alaska Discovery is proud to announce a special partnership with three major conservation organizations to promote and preserve the unique wilderness of Alaska-the Alaska Conservation Foundation, Audubon Alaska, and Alaska Wilderness League. To celebrate these new partnerships, Alaska Discovery is crafting special itineraries to help raise awareness and protect fragile areas currently under threat.  The 2008 Alaska Discovery catalog released this month features each organization with a full page description of their concerns and commitment to specific conservation projects, ranging from offshore Arctic waters, to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Tongass National Forest, and more.  

For 2009, Alaska Discovery is partnering with Audubon Alaska offer an exclusive trip to Teshekpuk Lake. This area, a remote nursery for thousands of caribou, shorebirds, and waterfowl in the western Arctic, is currently under threat by oil and gas development. The trip will include hiking, wildlife viewing and bird watching, and canoeing on the Colville River, and will be co-led by an Audubon Alaska ornithologist and a senior guide from Alaska Discovery.

Alaska Discovery’s commitment to sharing the wonders of Alaska for “the enjoyment and conservation of the great Alaskan wilderness” has been part of the company mission statement since its inception.  As the oldest and most experienced wilderness guiding company in Alaska, Alaska Discovery has long been regarded as a leader in wilderness travel and education. The company was a pioneer in ecotourism by connecting people to some of the most wild, scenic, and fascinating areas of Alaska while treading lightly upon the land.  Chuck Horner, a Juneau outdoorsman, founded Alaska Discovery in 1972 when Alaska’s pristine Admiralty Island was threatened by massive clear cutting. He decided the best hope of protecting the island was to bring people into the wilderness to understand what was at stake. These camping trips proved so successful, Alaska Discovery was born (and Admiralty Island was saved).

Through their “Dollar-a-Day” program, Alaska Discovery and its guests have contributed thousands of dollars over the years to many Alaskan grass root conservation organizations, in addition to its current partners. Among the many awards Alaska Discovery has received is the prestigious Outstanding Long-Term Program Award of the Alaska Land Manager’s Forum for excellence in dedication and commitment to ethically and socially aware use of the land.

For more information, or to inquire about Alaska Discovery’s exciting adventures and conservation programs and partnerships, call 1-800-586-1911 or visit Alaska Discovery

Mountain Travel Sobek, parent company of Alaska Discovery, wrote the book on adventure travel, pioneering the concept of small-group adventure travel more than 35 years ago, and has been exploring the world in imaginative ways ever since. It is the most experienced company you can choose for a trip to a remote place, and you can count on them to make your trip safe, memorable, fun and environmentally sound.�

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