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AdventureLink Names Senior YAHOO! Executive Jeff Dossett as CEO

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LOS ANGELES  (May 29, 2009) —  AdventureLink, Inc., the world’s largest online source for booking adventure travel, today named former Yahoo! Inc. Senior Vice President Jeff Dossett as Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. Dossett will be responsible for building global recognition for AdventureLink as the preeminent online marketplace for booking adventure travel.

In February 2009, AdventureLink launched the world’s first online booking system for adventure travel developed in conjunction with its partner, VAX VacationAccess. The AdventureLink system opens up booking capability for adventure travel opportunities worldwide providing easy access and distribution to over 70,000 leisure travel agents across North America.

Mr. Dossett joins AdventureLink from Yahoo! Inc. where he served as Senior Vice President, Audience Experiences, North America Region. Prior to joining Yahoo!, Mr. Dossett was the Executive Producer & General Manager of MSN in the United States.  He also served as CEO of Carpoint and General Manager of MSN HomeAdvisor.

In announcing Dossett as CEO, AdventureLink Chairman and Founder Kelly Tompkins states, “I love the fact that Jeff is a risk taker and an accomplished mountain climber, having summited Everest twice. But more than that, as an executive, he has demonstrated tremendous leadership both at Microsoft and most recently, Yahoo!”

Samit Varma of Anthem Venture Partners, explains, “We have been working to get Jeff on board for several months, and we’re thrilled to have him. He’s a perfect fit for AdventureLink. He brings not only a distinguished professional track record but also a personal passion for adventure travel.”

Mr. Dossett, a passionate adventurist, states, “I’m thrilled to join the AdventureLink team. It’s truly a unique opportunity to combine my personal passion for adventure travel with my desire to help build the world’s largest, most effective, online global distribution and reservation system for adventure travel. My ultimate goal is to help make it easier for consumers to discover, book, and experience life – changing adventure travel using AdventureLink’s technology.”

Richard Bangs, co-founder of Mountain Travel*Sobek and host of the PBS series, “Adventures with Purpose,” was instrumental in the choice of Dossett for CEO. Bangs, who serves on AdventureLink’s board of directors, has followed the company since it started three years ago.

“AdventureLink has created a unique model in developing the world’s first global marketplace for adventure travel,” states Mr. Bangs. “Over the years, I’ve seen AdventureLink grow by leaps and bounds due to its ability to develop unique technology as well as its ability to build strategic relationships within the travel industry. When Kelly Tompkins invited me to join the board, I knew Jeff would be a great partner in helping Kelly realize his dream in making adventure travel accessible to everyone. Jeff’s passion as an adventure traveler and his executive experience with online media make for a perfect match in taking AdventureLink to new heights.”

About AdventureLink
AdventureLink is the largest online source for travel professionals and consumers to book adventure travel with over 60,000 trips offered by over 1,800 tour operators worldwide. AdventureLink is venture funded by Anthem Venture Partners, The Mailroom Fund, and Allegis Capital.  For more information, go to:

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