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Registrations, Sponsorships, Progress for ATTA’s 2011 Adventure Travel World Summit Outpaces Plans

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What a difference two years make. By February 1st, 2009, despite the ATTA’s best efforts to generate early interest in its marquee annual event, the Adventure Travel World Summit, registrations were at an all time low during the Early Bird (pre-April) period ahead of the annual fall gathering. Fortunately, for the ATTA and the Summit, the industry eventually rallied and the event drew more than 500 delegates representing 42 countries in Quebec, Canada.

In the face of serious economic turmoil, the global adventure tourism community braced for troubling economic times – most looked inward and worked diligently to ensure that personal and professional fundamentals were in order. Still, more than 500 believers leaned into the 2009 Summit, investing limited resources into the high value gathering where intimate access to an effective business-to-business marketplace, networking and professional development held court.

A compelling notion:  adventure travel industry leaders investing during tough times. It mirrored the tenacity of resilient adventure travelers, who also continued to lean in during difficult times. Records show that while mainstream leisure tourism suffered often significant, irrecoverable losses in 2009, adventure tourism businesses, while they took serious hits, fared better overall.

Perhaps the age-old axiom holds true. Invest during good times. Invest even more during challenging times as the payoff can often yield powerful results. It seems that investment by adventure tourism professionals in 2009 may now be paying off.

Fast forward two years. It’s now February 1st, 2011. ATTA Member field reports indicate that while 2009 was a year mostly good to forget, 2010 was a decent recovery year. And, ATTA Members, now nearing 700 businesses and organizations worldwide, are optimistic that 2011 will outperform 2010. Further, financial markets (notwithstanding current and significant developments in Egypt), also figure 2011 to be stronger than in 2010.

Further, the global adventure tourism community’s early investment in the 2011 Adventure Travel World Summit, themed Prosper with Purpose, is heating up. Set for October 17-20 in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico, ATTA reports that early registrations are higher than in any year since 2005. Already, more than 100 delegates representing 22 countries have secured their spots for what has become know as “THE industry event of the year” – an executive conference with a 600-delegate capacity. The ATTA, organizers of the annual Adventure Travel World Summit, fully anticipates the 2011 gathering to sell out early.

For the ATTA’s part, it’s attending to business and has already:

Come join us at the 2011 Adventure Travel World Summit, October 17-20 in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.

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