Adventure Travel Conservation Fund is Seeking Board Member Nominations

27 August 2021

When the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund (ATCF) launched in 2016, a volunteer team and a small group of advisors were recruited. Since then, the organization has continually grown and the ATCF has been lucky enough to have an incredibly hard-working and talented 14-member Board of Directors, hailing from all parts of the world. 

On behalf of the entire ATCF Board, Executive Director, Soraya Shattuck would like to express immense gratitude to three retiring Board Members: Roger Spatz, Nicky Fitzgerald, and Neil Rogers. 

Roger was appointed to the Board in 2017, and Nicky and Neil joined us in 2018 after being elected by  ATCF members. With Roger offering his vast experience with the outdoor industry sector, Nicky bringing her decades of entrepreneurial experience working in Eastern Africa, and Neil bringing his expertise working with conservation partners in Central America and Europe, all have all been incredible assets in transforming the ATCF into what it is today. The contributions they provided to the ATCF’s strategic direction, and the guidance that they have given me as the Executive Director, are truly invaluable. Board service is not an easy volunteer role, but Nicky, Neil, and Roger have taken it on with grace and dedication. 

“In my world of African safaris we are inclined to get so singularly focused about what we do each day that we are inclined to forget that in every corner of our beautiful world there are other adventure travel operators doing the same,” says Nicky. “Being part of a greater whole has given me great insight into what others are doing to make meaningful and sustainable differences. I have learnt much during my time as an ATCF board member and I hope I have added value to the important work it does. The board is made up of adventure travel virtuosos whose north star is to ensure the ongoing success of our natural world and the critical role it plays in travel. They give generously of their time and always adhere to the highest levels of governance. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been part of this team.” - Nicky Fitzgerald 

"My term on the ATCF Board has come to an end and I want to express my gratitude for having the chance to serve within such a dedicated and passionate team. I take with me a great pride in what has been achieved by the ATCF during the last three years despite challenging circumstances. Adventure tourism is reliant on destinations where wild nature thrives, and the ATCF is uniquely positioned to identify, support, and nurture key nature-based economies, to protect and restore biodiversity, and to be innovative in mitigating the impact of travel on climate change." - Neil Rogers

As a token of appreciation to Roger, Nicky, and Neil, the ATCF  has made a donation in their names to conservation foundations that are close to their hearts: Outdoor Outreach, Big Life Foundation, and Rewilding Europe. Thank you, Roger, Neil, and Nicky!

The ATCF is accepting nominations to fill three vacant board seats. If you are an ATCF member or intend to become a member of the ATCF, we invite you to nominate yourselves or other candidates who will carry on the good work of the organization. The ATCF is seeking passionate candidates who have strengths in the following areas: fundraising, cross-sector nonprofit/foundations, and climate, wildlife, or land conservation experts.  

 The deadline for accepting Board nominations is 10 September.

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