Adventure Life’s Community Grant Sponsors Successful Social Project in Bahia – Brazil

5 October 2018

Aniyami is committed to promoting environmental conservation and sustainable community development in Brazil, using adventure travel as a vehicle for positive transformation. Developing links with environmental and social projects all throughout Brazil is a top priority as well as seeing how adventure travel can contribute and learn from those projects. Dende da Serra School is one of them in which Aniyami is particularly active and participates even at the administration level. But there are at least 15 others with which the company has established a regular relationship. With Dende da Serra, the Aniyami community (travelers, staff, and guides) contributes in fundraising directly and indirectly and helps raise national and international awareness. The company also learns about the role of education as a key element to reduce inequality in Brazil, plus the power of social transformation in "the other Brazil."

As a pilot project for Aniyami, the company is paying one of its members, its CEO, to spend time with the administration of Dende da Serra’s school project and contribute with his experience. Its agent client, Adventure Life, through the community grant program, donated funds in order to create a new library for Dende da Serra.

Dendê da Serra School inaugurated its new library, with the participation of students, teachers, parents, sponsors, employees, and friends. This opening was the final event within the first Literary Week Festival at the school, where different activities took place around the world of literature and the importance of books in elementary education.

It was very touching seeing the huge interest children put into this event and the school is hoping to repeat this Literary Week again next year. Dendê da Serra Pedagogical Association’s president gave thanks to all employees, parents, and friends who voluntarily collaborated with the space organization activities, such as building tables, benches and bookshelves, painting the room, installing electrical materials, and purchasing books. She emphasized the importance of collective work and partnership toward the achievement of Dendê da Serra's social project goals.

Adrià Lacorte, Aniyami’s CEO and schools’ association board member, thanked Adventure Life for its financial sponsorship through one of the annual Community Grants Programs for the library project and shared a warm message with the Dendê da Serra community: “We understand that all these small 'miracles' all over the world take place thanks to the day-to-day work of every one of the employees and directors of our teams and the mission that both Adventure Life, Aniyami, and our partners share to promote sustainable community development and nature conservation in the destinations we work with.”

After the ceremony, the school’s parents had a storytelling moment with their children, and during the week, students visited the library to get to know and enjoy their new space. The  children’s joy and enchantment about the new library opening was truly as exciting as it was heartwarming.

“We are looking into replicating this in other projects in Brazil with other staff. We are looking to integrating the adventure experience where agent clients like Adventure Life, Aniyami staff, the adventure traveler, Aniyami guides, and the local community get together in order to develop different projects, like this library in Dende da Serra School,“ Lacorte said.

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