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Nicole Petrak

Social Media Round-up: TripAdvisor Gets Personal, Cool New Campaigns, Google+ for Businesses


Hot news this month included TripAdvisor’s new personalization feature which displays reviews and activity from Facebook from your Facebook friends:

When people research hotels, attractions or other vacation information on the site, they will see reviews first from their friends, followed by reviews from friends of friends. Visitors have the option to send the the reviewer a private message with further travel questions. TripAdvisor says this friends of friends feature means visitors are now 10 times more likely to see social context when they use the travel site.

Read more about how this move can affect travel businesses.

The Idaho Division of Tourism is the latest organization to come up with a creative social media campaign likely to go viral – check out the details here on Tnooz.

Using Google+ to market your business? Great Content Marketing Ideas for Using Google Plus details strategies around various features of the social platform and how to make the most of them. If you’re looking for more basic info introducing the site, read Google’s page on using Google+ for businesses.

Are your social media campaigns coming across as personal and authentic, or rigid and stale? Check out Mashable’s 4 Tips for Authentic Online Engagement

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